David Nash's Home page

I am a biologist working at the Centre for Social Evolution at the Department of Biology of the University of Copenhagen in Denmark. My academic interests are in the evolution of interactions between organisms, particularly those between social insects and other organisms. The lycaenid butterflies are a particularly interesting group in this respect as they have interactions with ants which range from mutualism to parasitism. If you really want to find out more about me personally you can click here.


Current research organisms

You can find out more about cutrent projects available to students here

Myrmica ants

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Previous research organisms

Other interests

Outside my academic life I do occasionally get time to do some other things, 'though less often than I would like. Hopefully some of these might be of interest to somebody....

Computer programs
Model aircraft
Drawing etc.

Research organisms: Phengaris alcon. Jalmenus evagoras. Phyllonorycter leucographella. Ceratophyllus gallinae.

Other interests:Drawings. Programs. Model aircraft.