The Aardvark

So, what are these strange creatures at the bottom of my pages....

The aardvark, Orycteropus afer, is a strange African creature with which I have always had a fascination, despite not having seen one in the flesh to date. The aardvark, or at least my cartoon version of it, has become a personal monogram.

Aardvarks live in southern Africa, where they dine on ants and termites, and probably on rather odd gourds. They are comparatively common, but surprisingly little is known of their behaviour, although they are reported to do such strange things as turning somersaults when alarmed. Their evolutionary origin has also been controversial, but recent molecular studies seem to confirm one school of thought which puts their nearest relatives as the sirenians (sea cows, manatees and dugongs), elephants and hyraxes.

M. alcon J. evagoras P. leucographella C. gallinae Aardvark
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