Record Collection

I have a large record collection which I've amassed over the last 25 years, despite losing almost 400 CDs in a burglary in November 1999.

It's pretty eclectic, ranging from early music to this year's models, from Abbfinoosty to Zemlinsky. However, it's far from comprehensive and reflects my own slightly warped tastes. If you're into jazz, dance, drum'n'bass, rap, techno or reggae then you probably won't like my taste at all.

For the sake of simplicity I divide my collection into classical and contemporary music, 'though there are a few things that defy even this broad clumping.

Below are links that will take you to pages generated by Bruji's "CD-pedia" for Contemporary music, and to a PDF file for Classical music (which I have not updated for some time).

Contemporary music

Classical music


Below are some links to pages dealing with some of my favourite bands, composers and musical genres.
There is no way that I can make this comprehensive, so this just skims the surface of a few things that I like.

My contemporary musical tastes are varied, but mostly revolve around "progressive rock". This is a rather nebulous term, which I won't even attempt to define. A good starting point if you're interested is the

Gibraltar Encyclopaedia of Progressive Rock

Bands of which I'm particularly fond which fall into this category include:

Jethro Tull
Spock's Beard

I also have great fondness for folk and folk-rock music:

Captain Tractor
Fairport Convention
Great Big Sea
Christine Lavin
June Tabor
Richard Thompson

Other favourites which don't really fit into the above categories are:

All about eve
del Amitri

My tastes in classical music are also diverse, spanning 4 centuries, although 20th Century music is what I find most inspiring. I am particularly fond of choral music and opera, but I also enjoy some orchestral and chamber music.

There are two composers that stand out for me:

Ralph Vaughan Williams
Kurt Weill

Others that I enjoy, particularly for their soundscapes and balance between complexity and simplicity are:

Paul Hindemith
Nicholas Maw
Arvo Pärt
Alfred Schnittke

Other works that I particularly like are:

Bach's passions and oratorios
Mozart's requiem
The beggar's opera

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