Drawings & Artwork

I like to sometimes pretend that I have artistic talents - Mostly revolving around technical drawings of insects. I play around with other forms of visual expression sometimes too...

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I have provided drawings for several scientific papers and one book (Godfray, H.C.J (1994) Parasitoids - Behavioral and Evolutionary Ecology, Princeton University Press, Princeton, NJ), mostly of insects, but also of a few other creatures and concepts.

Adult Jalmenus evagoras

coloured pencil illustration produced for Naomi Pierce

Queens of Solenopsis invicta fighting after nest-establishment

Pen-and-ink drawing produced for Giorgina Bernasconi

Parasitoids attacking different stages of Jalmenus evagoras

Pen-and-ink and coloured pencil drawing, produced for Naomi Pierce

Female roe deer

pen-and-ink drawing produced for Bettina Markussen

Paintings and Sculptures

Not something I've done much of recently, but here are a few pictures of my other, often rather weird, creations.

Hand snail

Produced for my own amusement


Acrylic painting produced for Julie Beale

Foot soldier

Produced for my own amusement

Computer graphics

I also occasionally dabble with computer "art", again mostly for illustrative purposes...

Stylised Atta nest mound

Bryce scene

Logo produced for the EU INSECTS network

Photoshop, Canvas

3D model of laboratory nests used for rearing Myrmica ants to maintain cultures of Phengaris alcon.

Bryce scene

M. alcon J. evagoras P. leucographella C. gallinae Aardvark
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