I am not really a computer programmer, but I do sometimes write simple programs to perform simple tasks, and I suppose that some of these might be of use or interest to other people.

Below are links to a few programs for doing such simple tasks. They are written using REALBasic (now Xojo) on a Macintosh, and compiled for both Mac and Windows (and sometimes UNIX). There's little or no documentation, so please use with caution and at your own risk (e.g. changes in PC architecture have meant that sometimes old versions produce spurious results)

Program Description
Carries out an exact test for a 3x2 contingency table (or a Fisher 2x2 exact test if one row is left as zeros)
Used to assess the significance of the distribution of Maculinea larvae in nests of different host species by comparing the actual distribution with that expected under an even or clumped distribution
Used to carry out Mantel tests when the the pairs of observations can be spplit up into within-group and between-group pairs.

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